Integrity Pledge

(A commitment to Ethical Practices and Good Governance as an Employee of the Commission on Audit)

I believe that corruption has been one of the biggest impediments to economic growth and prosperity in the Philippines and has been eroding the moral fiber of this society.

As an employee of the Commission on Audit who is committed to genuine public service, and as an enabling partner of good governance in promoting transparency, accountability, integrity and the rule of law, I acknowledge my responsibility to lead by example in the fight against corruption and to ethically render my services with integrity.

In view of the foregoing, I hereby pledge the following :

  • I shall discharge my duties with the highest degree of competence, excellence, independence and professionalism;
  • I shall abide and practice by heart the Code of Conduct and
    Ethical Standards for COA Officials and Employees;
  • I shall advocate the true essence of public service by ensuring that all my actions and decisions are guided accordingly with the goal of serving solely the interest of the public and not my own;
  • I shall continue to improve intellectually and morally and shall always strive to be an agent of change for the better;
  • I shall work side by side with civil societies in enhancing
    transparency and enforcing accountability in government service;
  • I shall integrate in my work the concept of social and
    environmental responsibility as an indispensable factor to
    efficient and effective delivery of public service;
  • I shall create a healthy working relationship with agency people by inculcating in their minds that we are enablers and not
    deterrents in the development of our country;
  • I shall be vigilant but not distrustful and I shall uphold and practice courtesy, modesty and humility at all times; and
  • I shall value my job because it is God’s natural gift to me, therefore, I will not betray His TRUST by using it other than for His Glory.

Ultimately, as an employee of the Commission on Audit, I pledge my integrity to commit my services following ethical practices and standards for good governance without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. So help me GOD.