COA RO5 bids goodbye to the traditional BINGO! and says hello to the new normal BINGO!

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On the last day of the week-long celebrations, the Regional Office hosted a time-honored tradition of playing BINGO! However, due to the pandemic, the game was conducted online through ZOOM.  Registration for the online zoom meeting started at 9:00 am and ended at 10:00 am.  It was seen by the 400+ participants from all provinces of Region 5 that BINGO! really is one of the favorite games enjoyed by everyone during big office celebrations.

Four patterns were played – C, O, A, and BLACKOUT. Cash prizes for each pattern were given to the winners, as follows:

C – P2,000.00

O – P2,000.00

A – P2,000.00

BLACKOUT – P5,000.00

Considering that this was the first time that BINGO!  was conducted online, it was a huge success.  Every pattern played was enjoyed by all the participants.  The zoom application was a great platform to conduct the game wherein everyone had the opportunity to voice out their comments and reactions by speaking or commenting on the chat box.

The winners for each of the patterns are as follows:

C – Mr. Francis T. Tabo II

O – Mr. Jude C. Mesias

A – Mr. Dolito Dan G. Barrozo

BLACKOUT – Ms. Nemia A. Benitez

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