COA RO5 bags 2nd place in the first ever COA Nationwide Tiktok Competition

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COA Region 5 won 2nd place in the first COA Tiktok Nationwide Competition after garnering an average score of 92% for the Category 54 years old and below.

The competition comprised of two phases. The first round was the selection of the Top 10 finalists on the basis of the number of votes in the COA Family Facebook page wherein COA Region 5 ranked 5th with a total of 696 votes. The Top 10 finalists moved on to the second and final round where the entries were judged based on the number of likes and reactions on Facebook and a separate criteria rated by the panel of judges.

               The spirit of cooperation and teamwork among COA Region 5 employees flared up by obtaining the second highest number of votes next to COA NCR Green Team, thus, getting an equivalent score of 47% for the Reaction Rating. Combined with the Judges’ Rating of 45%, COA Region 5 obtained an average score of 92% which placed it on the second place.

               COA NCR Yellow Team, Blue Team and COA Region IVB won the 3rd, 4th and 5th places, respectively while COA NCR Green Team maintained its winning spot.

               The COA Region 5 Tiktok participants were Imelda Corazon Japlit, State Auditor II, Mark S. Dizon, State Auditor I, April Ann S. Bihay-Panghulan, State Auditing Examiner II, Janine Angeli L. Garchitorena, State Auditing Examiner II and Renz Francis A. Lim, State Auditor I, all of whom came from the province of Camarines Sur.

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